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Robert W. and Linda N. Smith Family


Linda and I (Robert) have lived in Oklahoma City since 1983. It is where Linda grew up. Her great grandparents, Sarah E. and William C. Boland, came here from Comanche County, Texas about 1913. I grew up in Anniston, Alabama. My great great grandparents, Lydia and Daniel Smith Jr. moved from Henry County, Georgia to Tallapoosa County, Alabama about 1846. Several generations continued to live there until 1941 when my dad moved to Anniston in Calhoun County, Alabama. Linda and I left our homes to go to college. We met, married, and eventually moved here to Oklahoma City. When we moved here I didn't even know the names of my grandparents. Since becoming interested in genealogy, I can gladly say that I know their names and have learned about who they were. Now I know more about who I am.

Take a look at the reports of Linda's and my ancestors -- descendants and ancestors reports. I have photos and cemetery projects. Also check out the links to other sites.

Families I am researching include Bell, Berry, Bohland, Boland, Bolin, Brock, Burgess, Clay, Craddock, Dewberry, Dieter, Dison, Edwards, Ellis, Garrett, Gleaton, Hatcher, Henkel, Hinkle, Hightower, Johnson, King, Long, Lowe, Oldham, Owens, Pepper, Peppers, Pitt, Pitts, Powers, Smith, Southerland, Talley, Teter, Trussell, Yarbrough

E-mail Robert Smith at rwsmith73114@cox.net

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