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Robert W. and Linda N. Smith Family


Boland, Bell, Hightower, Lowe, Powers, and Talley

Linda N. Smith

[Eugene Boland]
[Ora Lee Boland]

[Harvey W. Boland]
[Bertha R. Boland]
[James R. Lowe]
[Ora P. Lowe]

[William C. Boland]
[Sarah E. Boland]
[Jeff D. Talley]
[Martha E. Talley]
[Henry M. Lowe]
[Martha J.L. Lowe]
[James F. Powers]
[Mary A. Powers]

[Joseph W. Boland]
[Rufus T. Gleaton]
[Henry H. Talley]
[Joseph Edwards]
[Jeremiah Lowe]
[William H. Bell]
[Joseph A. Powers]
[William F. Hightower]

[? Boland]
[Martha L. Gleaton]
[Charlsey A. Talley]
[Elizabeth J. Edwards]
[Mahala Lowe]
[Ann E. Bell]
[Mahala J. Powers]
[Hester A. Hightower]

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[William H. Bell and Anne E. Foshee] [James Ezra Ellis and Nancy A. E. Bell-Ellis] [Harvey Waterson Boland] [Bertha Rose Talley-Boland-Maddox] [4 Boland] [Harvey W. Boland] [Bertha & Wallace Boland] [Dock F. Maddox]

Row 1
A William H.(Hampton) Bell 1820 - 1890 and
Anne E.(Elizabeth) Foshee-Bell 1821 - 1891
B Nancy Ann Elizabeth Bell-Ellis
and James Ezra Ellis
Tina, Arkansas circa 1913
C Harvey Waterson Boland 1893 - 1971 with M. E. Lois Boland and
Eugene Boland circa 1935
D Bertha Rose Talley-Boland-Maddox 1895 - 1983
E Hicks Martin, Pauline Boland-Smith, Lois Boland-Martin,
Hiram P. Smith
F Harvey Waterson Boland
G Bertha & Wallace Harvey Boland
H Dock Febby Maddox
[Ada Lowe] [Henry Madison Lowe and Martha Janey Lucinda Bell] [Francis M. Lowe and Mary Jane Robinson-Lowe] [5 Lowe] [John L. Lowe] [Madison L. Lowe] [Mahala Babb] [Mahala Jane Teter-Powers]

Row 2
A Ada Lucinda Lowe   1886 - 1926
B Martha Janey Lucinda Bell-Lowe 1847 - 1907 and
Henry Madison Lowe 1844 - 1904
C Francis Marion Lowe 1849 - 1929 and
Mary Jane Robinson-Lowe 1849 - 1927
D Top 3: John Lathen Lowe & Margaret Ann Long-Lowe;
Bottom left: Irene, Marguerette, Ernest, Doyle, Herman Lowe
Bottom right: Jonnie Alden Lowe
E John Lathen Lowe
F Madison Lee Lowe
G Mahala Luella Elsidor Lowe-Babb
H Mahala Jane Teter-Powers
1826 - 1922
[Boland Reunion] [4 Boland] [8 Boland] [12 Boland] [Kelly & Susan Boland & family]

Row 3
A Boland Family Reunion   circa 1984
B Eugene, Ray, Wallace Harvey, & Leroy Boland
C Ray & Olga Boland, Robert Boland, Wendy Boland,
Eugene Boland, Pauline Boland-Smith,
Bertha Rose Talley-Maddox, M. E. Lois Boland-Martin
D Leroy & Lorene Boland, Eugene & Ora Lee Boland,
Hiram P. & Pauline Boland-Smith, Wallace Harvey &
Bertha Boland, Hick & M.E. Lois Martin, Ray & Olga Boland
E Kelly S. & Susan B. Boland & family in Big Creek, Mississippi circa 1926
Front: Joseph S. Boland, Lura Louise Boland, Mary Etta Francis Brooks Boland, Murriel Beatrice Boland
Midddle: Kelly Curtis Boland, Jefferson Davis Boland, Mary Ellen Boland
Back: Susan B.Boland, baby Marion Glendora Boland, and Kelly Spurgeon Boland
[82 Lowe Reunion] [Robert L. Lowe and Julia Ann Hathcock-Lowe] [5 Lowe] [12 Lowe] [20 Lowe]

Row 4
A 1982 Lowe Reunion
B Robert Lafayette Lowe 1853 - 1936 and
Julia Ann Hathcock-Lowe 1847 - 1936 circa 1885
C Martha Janey Lucinda, Henry Madison, James Robert,
Madison Lee, Ada Lucinda Lowe
At home in Yell County, Arkansas   circa 1900
D Back: James Arvel Lowe, Joseph Babb, John Lathan Lowe,
M. Luella Lowe-Babb, James Robert Lowe,
Ora Pearl Powers-Lowe, James Matt Babb, Rachael Babb
Front: Glendon Robert Lowe, Nellie Frances Lowe,
Winfred Lee Lowe, Baby Ora Lee Lowe
E Lowe Family   circa 1934
[82 Lowe Reunion] [Lowe Family: James Robert, Madison Lee, Ada Lucinda, 
Martha Janey Lucinda Bell-Lowe] [Mary A. Powers] [7 Powers] [William F. Hightower & Hester Ann King-Hightower]

Row 5
A 1982 Lowe Reunion
B James Robert Lowe, Madison Lee Lowe, Ada Lucinda Lowe,
Martha Janey Lucinda Bell-Lowe (seated) circa 1900
C Mary Amanda Hightower-Powers with Great Grandchildren
D Back: Ora Pearl Powers, James Franklin Powers,
Myrtle Venetta Powers, Mary Amanda Powers, Artie Oma Powers
Front: James Rube Powers, Roy Edward Powers   circa 1903
E William Franklin Hightower 1840 - 1911
and Hester Ann King-Hightower 1841 - 1917
[5 Long] [Five Brock & Bell] [Welborn and Lucinda Talley] [Five Talley Brothers] [Henry Hubbard Talley and Charlsey Amanda Southerland]

Row 6
A John Jackson Long, Martha Ann Ellis, Susan Frances Bell-Long
Children: Margaret Ann Long, Euther Lee Long   circa 1886
B Washington Lafayette Brock, John Jackson Long,
Susan Frances Bell-Long, Louisa Bell-Harbin,
Sarah Charlotte Bell-Brock
Tina, Arkansas circa 1915
C James Lafayette Welborn and Sarah Lucinda Talley
D Five Talley brothers. circa 1890
Back: Jefferson Davis, Doctor David J.;
Front: Robert Lee, Hubbard P., Alexander S.
E Charlsey Amanda Southerland-Talley 1828 - 1900 and
Henry Hubbard Talley 1801 - 1876
[Four Talley Sisters] [Talley Family of 8] [Fred & Zemra Talley] [Hubbard Price Talley and Family] [M. Emma Talley] [James Owen and Susanna Bell]

Row 7
A Four Talley Sisters. circa 1950
Lillie Mae, Bertha Rose, Amanda, Charlsia L.J.P.E.
B Front: Elizabeth Jane Owens-Edwards-McCormick, Ada B. Talley,
Charlsia L.J.P.E. Talley, Amanda Talley, Bertha Rose Talley,
Jefferson Davis Talley     circa 1899
Back: Lillie Mae Talley, Martha Emma Etta Edwards-Talley
C Fred Trailor Talley & William Zemra Talley
D Hubbard Price Talley and Family circa 1906
Front: Ora Jeffie, Nora Plyne, Cora Jane, Joseph Leo,
Fannie Elizabeth Cabiness-Talley (picture)
Back: Etta Irene, Mary Lou Ella, Annie Bell, Hubbard P.,
Hubbard Dewey Talley
E Martha Emma Etta Edwards-Talley
F Rev. James Owen Bell and Susanna Rebecca Hollingsworth-Bell

Tombstones of
Boland, Bell, Hightower, Lowe, Powers, and Talley

[William H. Bell] William H. Bell
[Ann E. Foshee-Bell] Ann E. Foshee-Bell
[William C. Boland] William Capus Boland   1859 - 1929
[Sarah Ellen Gleaton-Boland] Sarah Ellen Gleaton-Boland   1860 - 1925
[Bertha Rose Talley-Boland-Maddox] Bertha Rose Talley-Boland-Maddox 1895 - 1983 and
Dock Febby Maddox 1897 - 1968
[William F. & Hester A. Hightower] William Franklin Hightower & Hester Ann King-Hightower
[Henry Madison Lowe] Henry Madison Lowe   1844 - 1904
[Ada Lucinda Lowe-Hamilton] Ada Lucinda Lowe-Hamilton   1886 - 1926
[James Robert Lowe] James Robert Lowe
[Madison Lee & Myrtle V. Lowe] Madison Lee Lowe & Myrtle Venetta Powers-Lowe
[Ora Pearl Powers-Lowe] Ora Pearl Powers-Lowe
[Joseph D. & Luella E. Babb] Joseph David Babb & Mahalia Luella Elsidor Lowe-Babb
[Mary A. & James F. Powers] Mary Amanda Hightower-Powers & James Franklin Powers
[Joseph A. & Mahala J. Powers] Joseph Allen Powers & Mahala Jane Teter-Powers
[Charlsey Amanda Southerland-Talley] Charlsey Amanda Southerland-Talley
[Alexander S. Talley] Alexander S. Talley
[Jefferson Davis Talley] Jefferson Davis Talley
[Martha Emma Etta Edwards-Talley] Martha Emma Etta Edwards-Talley
[Marriage Cert for William H. Bell] Marriage Certificate for William H. Bell & Ann E. Foshee
[H.M.Lowe] Henry M. Lowe's Civil War Service in Tennessee