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Robert W. and Linda N. Smith Family


Smith, Trussell, Peppers, and Dison

[Robert W. Smith]

[Ben Smith]
[Laura Smith]

[Robert L. Smith]
[Josie J. Smith]
[Luther Peppers]
[Anna Peppers]

[Freeman Smith]
[Artimissa Smith]
[William T. Trussell]
[Nancy Trussell]
[Andrew J. Peppers]
[Nancy P. Peppers]
[Andrew Dison]
[Margaret Dison]

[Daniel Smith, Jr.]

[William H. Trussell]
[William D. Craddock]
[John Pepper]
[Aaron M. Dewberry]
[Eli Dison]
[John M. Pitts]

[Lydia Smith]

[Mary L. Hatcher]
[Martha E. Craddock]
[Armon A. Pepper]
[Margaret C. Dewberry]
[Harriet Dison]
[Mahala Pitts]

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[Margaret Dison] [Corinna & Anna F. Peppers] [5 Peppers] [7 Peppers] [5 Peppers] [Five Peppers] [3 Peppers] [Robert Lee Smith]

Row 1
A Charles Douglas Staples & Margaret Ellen Pitts-Dison
B Corinna Ivy-Crumley & Anna Frances Dison-Peppers
C Minnie Lee Peppers-Fite, Laura V. Peppers-Smith
M. Lucile Peppers-McCarley, Eunice A. Peppers-Sledge
Seated: Anna Frances Dison-Peppers
D Back: Laura V. Peppers-Smith, Minnie Lee Peppers-Fite,
Jeraldean Williams-Ivy, M. Lucile Peppers-McCarley
Front: Bobbie Jean, Pam, & Donna Ivy
E Back: Eunice A. Peppers-Sledge, Minnie Lee Peppers-Fite
Front: Laura V. Peppers-Smith, Lawrence E. Peppers,
M. Lucile Peppers-McCarley
F Five Peppers: Eunice Allene, Ara Anna Frances, Lucius P.,
Minnie Lee, Nancy P. Dewberry circa 1910
G Back: M. Lucile Peppers
Front from left: Laura V. & Lawrence E. Peppers
H Robert Lee Smith 1868 - 1922

[Josie J Trussell-Smith] [Josie J Trussell-Smith] [5 Smith] [3 Smith] [7 Smith] [6 Smith] [1961 Trussell Reunion]

Row 2
A Josie Jones Trussell-Smith 1889 - 1980
B Josie Jones Trussell-Smith 1889 - 1980
C John R. Westbrook, M. Louise Westbrook, Josie J. Trussell-Smith,
Robert W. Smith, Ronnie L. Smith
D Mary V. Smith, Daniel Smith, Josie J. Trussell-Smith, Benjamin Smith
E M. Louise Westbrook, Ronnie L. Smith, Laura V. Peppers-Smith,
Robert W. Smith, Josie J. Trussell-Smith, John R. Westbrook,
Daniel Smith
F Back: Melvin Gordon, Benjamin Smith, Robert Gordon
Daniel Smith, Mary V. Smith, William Gordon
G Trussell Reunion of 1961

[Five Dison] [Peppers Family] [4 Peppers] [3 Peppers] [8 Peppers]

Row 3
A Jencie Ellen Dison, Margaret Ellen Pitts-Dison, John Wesley Dison,
John Kelly Staples, Charles Douglas Staples circa 1941
B Peppers Family circa 1952
C M. Lucile Peppers-McCarley, Eunice A. Peppers-Sledge,
Lawrence E. Peppers, Laura V. Peppers-Smith
D Minnie Lee Peppers-Fite, Margaret Lucile Peppers-McCarley,
Laura Velma Peppers-Smith
E From left: Anna Frances Dison-Peppers, H. Pierce Sledge,
Eunice A. Peppers-Sledge, Minnie Lee Peppers-Fite,
Eddie E. Fite, M. Lucile Peppers-McCarley,
Benjamin Smith, Laura V. Peppers-Smith

[3 Smith] [1947 Trussell Reunion] [William T & Trussell] [6 Trussell]

Row 4
A ?? Daniel Smith, Benjamin Smith, Mary Smith ??
B Trussell Reunion in 1947: 13 of the 15 children of William Thomas Trussell
Back: Clyde, Clinton, Harlan, Coley, Parvin, Newton, Norman;
Front: Winnie Mae, Maggie, Dessa, Josie, Ellen, Ara
C William Thomas Trussell & Nancy Ellen Craddock-Trussell
circa 1880
D From left; Josie J. Trussell, Dessa Hopkins, Harlan Trussell
Clyde Trussell, Winnie Mae Dean, Coley Trussell

Tombstones of Smith, Trussell, Peppers, and Dison

[Andrew W. & Margaret E. Dison] Rev. Andrew Washington Dison & Margaret Ellen Pitts-Dison
[Braxton B. & Carrie J. Staples] Braxton Bartow Staples & Carrie Jane Dison-Staples
[AraAnna Frances Dison-Peppers] AraAnna Frances Dison-Peppers
[Eddie E. & Minnie L. Fite] Eddie E. Fite & Minnie Lee Peppers-Fite
[Robert Lee Smith] Robert Lee Smith
[Josie Jones Trussell-Smith] Josie Jones Trussell-Smith
[William Thomas Trussell] William Thomas Trussell
[Nancy Ellen Craddock-Trussell] Nancy Ellen Craddock-Trussell